By early September 1861, America's Civil War was underway and its warring states were preparing for a long and bloody conflict. On September 10th of that year, the largest and most powerful ship ever built left Liverpool bound on a hastily arranged voyage. This iron monster, a technological wonder but a financial failure, carried few passengers and little cargo. She was commanded by an out-of-work sea captain who had been hired only six days earlier. After one day into her voyage a history-changing incident occurred aboard the ship. A new book, The Leviathan, tells the previously untold story of this incident and the events leading up to it.

This website, while freely available to anyone who wishes to visit it, is intended for use by readers of The Leviathan. It includes the complete text of nearly all source documents used in the research of the book, along with artwork and photographs of ships, people and places mentioned in the book.

The Leviathan: The Greatest Untold Story of the Civil War by Paul Stack.

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