Etching of the Leviathan during construction; the civil war steamship also known as the Great Eastern.

The Greatest Untold Story
of the Civil War

The introduction to The Leviathan explains the origins of the book and the necessity of including fictional characters and passages to make the story comprehensible. Nevertheless, The Leviathan is based upon actual events and is the result of over 15 years of research. Because the amount of source materials is so voluminous, the author has elected to forego footnotes. Instead, this website has a link to the original text of nearly all of the book’s written source materials. These materials are in a searchable chronology which can be found here and is made available without charge. Many of these documents are being published for the first time.

The Leviathan, later renamed Great Eastern, was the subject of numerous contemporary photographs and etchings. A number of these pictures are set forth here. Included with these pictures are photographs of the trochus shell described in the book’s introduction. Finally, renderings and photographs of individuals involved in the story are included in the gallery.

The Leviathan: The Greatest Untold Story of the Civil War by Paul Stack.

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